How soon do we need to order our wedding cake?

We recommend that once you have secured your date and reception site, then you also secure your cake. Currently our clients are booking us three months to one year in advance. However, if you are looking for service less than 3 months out, please still inquire about availability; we will be happy to check the calendar in a sincere effort to make your dream wedding cake a reality.

Can we come in to taste and see your work?

If your event requires less than 100 servings, we invite you to stop in the bakery and purchase a slice of torte or a few gourmet-filled cupcakes for your sampling pleasure. Then simply fill out our Wedding Cake & Dessert Inquiry with your information and we will get back to you to discuss your details.

If your event will require 100 or more servings, fill out our Wedding Cake & Dessert Inquiry. We now have a ‘To-Go’ ordering model. Once your completed form is reviewed, we will schedule a date and time that works for you to stop by the bakery to pick up samples to-go for trying at home. The standard consultation fee is $25.

After you’ve tried the samples, send us an email with your thoughts. You can then decide whether you would like to continue your consultation via email or schedule a phone call.

Get a credit for our standard $25.00 consultation fee by mentioning this online promo when you book your contract with a deposit!

What determines the pricing of our cake?

The overall cost of your cake depends on the cake flavor, filling, style, number of servings, and display options.

Can we choose more than one flavor of cake?

Yes, although this option can occasionally result in running out of a popular flavor and potentially disappointing some guests. An alternative is choosing our Signature Cheez Torte, which offers your guests both cake and cheesecake in each slice! Pick from our list of signature flavor combinations for an absolutely delectable experience, or we have a myriad of flavors available for a build-your-own option. These are things we would love to chat about during your consultation!

Do you charge for delivery?

Yes; our delivery and set up service starts at $50.

How much of a deposit do you require?

We require 50% down which will reserve and lock in your date and delivery time. Your final balance is due no later than four weeks prior to your event.

Is the top tier included in the total number of servings?

Yes, and for cakes $600 or more it is our gift to you – a complimentary certificate to redeem a FRESH first anniversary cake! Just call in your order at least seven (7) business days in advance, and you can pick up your first anniversary cake! No freezer burned cake for you two!

For cakes less than $600, the top tier would not be counted for guest servings unless you choose not to save it. If you choose to serve the top tier to your guests, you can purchase an anniversary certificate at current pricing and simply call the next year a week in advance to pick up a fresh anniversary cake.

What if we want fresh flowers on our cake?

As fresh flowers have become a more popular choice on wedding cakes, Sweet Perfections has you covered with many years of floral placement experience. We ask that your fresh flowers be left on their stems and in water at the base of the cake table on the day of the event; then they are ready for us to do our magic when we deliver your cake. This service starts at $25.

Do we need to return anything after our wedding?

Only if you have contracted rental accessories. A list of rentals will be secured to the bottom of a box, usually located under the cake table. The rentals are to be returned clean within five (5) calendar days of your event to receive a full refund.

What do you recommend for ribbon?

If you plan to have ribbon on your cake, refer to your contract first, especially when it comes to sizing.

For the best results, keep the following in mind when purchasing ribbon:

  • Ribbon should be 100% nylon, rayon, or polyester. (Silk, cotton, and acetate ribbon don't display well against buttercream or fondant.)
  • Ribbon should be wire-free. (Wire ribbon is harder to manipulate delicately and won’t lay flat against the icing.)
  • If you have dark colors as part of your wedding aesthetic, choose a ribbon that is one shade lighter. Once it is on the cake it will appear darker.
  • Due to occasional flaws in the ribbon, purchase an extra yard as a contingency plan.
  • Leave ribbon on the spool to keep it nice, orderly, and wrinkle free.

Do you charge more for events that take place on holidays?

Some holidays may require a minimum purchase amount. Please send us an email to learn more.