We have a wide variety of Traditional and Gourmet Cupcakes to fill your dream wedding dessert display! Cupcakes are a great non-traditional and unique option for brides and grooms who want to have a variety of flavors and colors, those who are looking for something a little more casual, or those who simply want something a little different. To see our work in action and to get some great inspiration, visit our Wedding Cupcakes Gallery.

Our Traditional Cupcakes and our Gourmet Filled Cupcake line have proven to be worth every last bite! Many of the flavor combos derived from our popular wedding cake selections that started this whole thing called Sweet Perfections Bake Shoppe! 


Our Traditional Cupcakes are baked fresh and come in our classic flavors of rich and moist Butter, dark Chocolate, traditional Southern Red Velvet, and our secret recipe Carrot Cake.

Butter and Chocolate Traditional Cupcakes start at $2.00 each, which includes our famous Buttercream Icing.

Red Velvet and Carrot Cupcakes start at $2.25 each, which also includes our Buttercream Icing.

GOURMET FILLED CUPCAKES (non-refrigerated)

These Gourmet Filled Cupcakes will be the hit of your reception! They start at $4.00 each, which includes a luscious homemade filling and our famous melt-in-your-mouth Buttercream.

Chocolate Almond – chocolate cake with a rich chocolate/almond center, topped with our chocolate/almond buttercream, then half dipped in Swiss chocolate and toasted almonds.


Flamingo – butter cake laced with red raspberry and mango preserves along with our signature buttercream, topped with bright pink raspberry flavored ‘topsy-turvy’ style buttercream spotted with orange dots.


Hazelnut Praline
 – butter cake filled with a smooth hazelnut cream laced with chocolate ganache all covered with a hazelnut buttercream, the crown dipped in Swiss chocolate with a hazelnut atop.


Happy Birthday – butter cake filled with our fun-fetti cream and topped with a swirl of buttercream, jimmies and a birthday candle.


Mint Chocolate Chip – chocolate cake with a whipped chocolate ganache and mini chocolate chip center, smothered by our silky mint buttercream and more mini chocolate chips.


PB & G – An American Classic… where chocolate meets peanut butter! our butter cake infused with chocolate ganache and creamy natural peanut butter topped with a swirl of buttercream, a few chocolate sprinkles and a peanutbutter cup!


Irish Dream – our rich butter cake bursting with Bailey’s Irish Buttercream and chocolate ganache filling and smothered by golden airbrushed buttercream sprinkling with green glitter.

Sweetheart – chocolate cake infused with our ‘to die for’ strawberry champagne (non alcoholic) buttercream and  chocolate ganache, smothered with a large pink buttercream heart accented with chocolate vermicelli.













Black Forest – chocolate cake soaked with a Kirschwasser (non-alcoholic) syrup, filled with our very own ‘whipped custard’ cream and Door County Cherries then towered with our signature buttercream, all of which is dipped in Swiss chocolate complete with chocolate vermicelli and a cherry.

Caramel Apple – moist butter cake hand cored and filled with our very own harvest apples and real caramel then topped with a sinful caramel cream, more harvest apples and a lattice top!

Cheez Torte – This delicately baked vanilla cheesecake, both sinfully rich and silky smooth, is laced with pure red raspberry preserves and tiered with sponge-like dark chocolate cake layers.  And for that finishing touch, it is all enveloped by our scratch buttercream.

Chocolate Eclair – chocolate cake with the center scooped out and replaced with rich pastry cream and chocolate ganache, then swirled with our signature buttercream dripping of even more ganache and a chocolate decor.

Espresso – It's a fresh-baked butter cupcake hand cored,  laced with espresso, filled with our 'dreamy' cappuccino mousse and melted chocolate ganache. We top it off with our blended espresso buttercream, drizzle it with more ganache and a chocolate coffee bean. This is our 'Go get 'em' cupcake!

Indulgence au ChocoLot – We start with a rich tender chocolate cupcake that is hand cored, fill it with melted chocolate ganache and fresh chocolate mousse, covered it with a swirl of chocolate buttercream, dip it in melted Swiss chocolate and top it with white chocolate shavings and a scratch-made chocolate truffle.

Raspberry Sunshine – butter cake stuffed with red raspberry preserves and fresh lemon whipped custard then topped with a swirl of raspberry buttercream and a lemon star with a sprinkle of  yellow edible glitter.

Raspberry Rose – butter cake filled with red raspberry preserves and our very own ‘whipped custard’ cream, covered in our signature buttercream, finished with a rose.

Red Velvet – By Popular Demand! our legendary moist red velvet cake stuffed with a unique cheese cream and towered with striped cream cheese buttercream, chocolate vermicelli and an ‘art deco’ chocolate piece.

Tiramisu – Sweet Perfections spin on this Italian dessert! butter cake soaked with a special blended espresso syrup, filled with our mascarpone mousse and chocolate shavings, covered with a swirl of our signature buttercream dusted with unsweetened cocoa and a chocolate decor.

Turtle Pecan – chocolate cake filled with caramel cream, roasted pecans and chocolate ganache, then topped with our scratch buttercream, a caramel swirl and a pecan halve!