Our European Tortes and cakes are made of the finest and freshest local and imported ingredients. Each one is made-to-order and completely customizable. Pricing is subject to change without notice. Please call for specific requests.



Our round cakes start at the following rates:(includes traditional decorations)

• 6-inch Round Cake – Starts at $23.00

• 8-inch Round Cake – Starts at $33.00

• 10-inch Round Cake  – Starts at $47.00

• 12-inch Round Cake – Starts at $64.00

• 14-inch Round Cake – Starts at $84.00

* Want even more cake and height!?! Add 40% to the price for each additional Round layer.

*** Call 262.446.CAKE(2253) for pricing on our Square Cakes.



Our Sheet Cakes start at the following rates: (includes traditional decorations)

• Quarter Sheet Cake – Starts at $32.00

• Half Sheet Cake – Starts at $47.00

• Full Sheet Cake – Starts at $74.00

* For Double-Stacked Sheet Cakes, add 60% to the total price.



If you ask Ken what his signature dessert is, he won't hesitate to tell you that it's our Cheez Torte, a delicately baked vanilla cheesecake, both sinfully rich and silky smooth, it's laced with pure red raspberry puree and tiered with sponge-like chocolate cake layers, and for that finishing touch, it is all enveloped by our famous melt-in-your-mouth vanilla buttercream. Click here for more on the Cheez Torte!

• 6-inch Round $34.00

• 8-inch Round $50.00

• 10-inch Round $72.00

• 12-inch Round – $99.00

• 14-inch Round $132.00

• Quarter Sheet Cheez Torte  – $94.00

• Half Sheet Cheez Torte – $152.00

• Full Sheet Cheez Torte – $240.00

*Want a Square Cheez Torte? Call 262.446.2253 for availability and pricing.


Our European Tortes are always the talk of the party! Each includes four layers of cake and three layers of filling. Check our European Tortes Page for a complete list of flavors. 

• 6-inch Torte – Starts at $31.00

• 8-inch Torte – Starts at $45.00

• 10-inch Torte – Starts at $65.00

• 12-inch Torte – Starts at $90.00

• 14-inch Torte – Starts at $124.00



Sweet Perfections bakes all of our cakes fresh-to-order, including some of our alternative cake options. Want something a little different? Consider the following:

• Fresh Baked Cheesecakes (for a complete list of flavors, see here) $22.00

• Raspberry Angel Food Cake (un-iced, see the product here) – $12.00

• Raspberry Angel Food Cake (Iced with Signature Buttercream) – $15.00



Both our Traditional and Gourmet Filled Cupcakes (a larger version than most shops) are a great alternative to cake. Pick your favorite flavor or mix and match! 

• Traditional Cupcakes Butter, Chocolate, Red Velvet and Carrot, see here for details – Start at $2.00 each

• Gourmet Filled Cupcakes (Various flavors with homemade gourmet fillings. See the Gourmet Filled Cupcake page for details) – $4.00 each, or a 4-pack for only $15.00