Our traditional, unique and sculpted wedding cake tiers are four layers of delicate cake and three layers of luscious filling. Choose from our specialty flavor combinations or come up with your own! Whatever you’re craving for your big day, let Sweet Perfections satisfy you!


Our traditional wedding cake flavors include white, vanilla, marble, chocolate and tuxedo (two layers each of white and chocolate).

Starting at $3.85 per serving, your traditional cake price includes a traditional cream and fruit preserve filling of your choice.

Traditional Fillings

Our traditional fillings include our fresh fruit purees (apricot, champagne mango, cherry, pineapple, red raspberry, strawberry), which must be accompanied by either of our famous melt-in-your-mouth vanilla or chocolate buttercreams.

Special Fillings

Our handcrafted special fillings are the definition of class and will truly set your wedding cake apart from the rest.

For an additional $.25 per serving, you can choose from whipped custard, assorted fresh-whipped mousses (cappuccino, chocolate, mandarin orange, raspberry or strawberry) or Bavarian cream.

For an additional $.50 per serving, you can choose from real Wisconsin cream cheese, natural peanut butter or rich Belgian chocolate ganache (both peanut butter and ganache fillings must be accompanied by a cream of your choice).

For an additional $.75 per serving, you can choose from fresh seasonal fruits.


Our signature melt-in-your-mouth buttercream comes in traditional vanilla and rich and flavorful chocolate. For a custom colored buttercream, add $.50 per serving, and for a flavored buttercream add $.75 per serving.

For an additional $.95 per serving, you can choose to enrobe your cake in our luscious Belgian chocolate ganache.


Sweet Perfections’ fondant work has been described as among the best in the Midwest, winning them the “Milwaukee Cake Boss” competition award title. If you’re looking for that one-of-a-kind cake that no one will forget, consider our custom fondant! Starting at an additional $1.00 per serving, our talented artisan decorators can create the cake of your dreams! Pricing is based on the specific design and clients’ request.


Our custom cakes are by far our best-sellers in the bake shoppe and they’re the most asked for by brides and grooms! These deliciously creative flavor combinations were selected with your special event in mind.

Check out our Custom Cake Flavors, starting at $4.00 per serving.

Our Signature Cheez Torte

A delicately baked vanilla cheesecake laced with pure red raspberry preserves and tiered with two sponge-like dark chocolate layers and iced in our creamy buttercream. It’s our signature cake – try it and you’ll understand why! $4.50 per serving

Carrot Cake

A recipe from Ken’s grandma that is chock-full of farm-fresh carrots, walnuts and naturally sweetened with bits of pineapple. These four hearty layers are surrounding our famous cream cheese filling then smothered in our signature vanilla buttercream. $4.50 per serving

Red Velvet Cake

Customers voted our Red Velvet Torte the Best-in-Wisconsin, but it has definite Southern roots. This classic is four layers of our scratch-baked Red Velvet cake filled with our famous cream cheese buttercream and iced with our signature vanilla buttercream, adorned with airbrush and euro chocolate decors! $4.50 per serving

Strawberry Shortcake

Sorry Grandma, didn't mean to make you jealous of this one. Four layers of fresh-baked vanilla cake filled with fresh slices of strawberries and light and creamy strawberry mousse. Iced in our creamy vanilla buttercream. $4.50 per serving