A Grooms Cake is a special cake given to the groom as a gift from his bride. Typically the cake is in the form of something that interests the groom (if the groom plays the guitar, design him a fabulous 3-D or 2-D guitar cake). Be creative – when it comes to Grooms Cakes there are no rules!
In times long lost, the Grooms Cake was cut up and handed to all the single women after the wedding reception. The ladies would then take the cake home and sleep with it under their pillow in hopes of finding the husband of their dreams.
Now days, the Grooms Cake can be served as a dessert at the rehearsal dinner, be put on display with the Wedding Cake to be served to wedding guests, or even served the next day at the gift opening. Any way you slice it, this is the groom’s time to shine!