Our Gourmet Doughnuts are the latest raved about craze at Sweet Perfections. When we decided to get into the doughnut biz, we involved our employees and our customers and you all came up with more than 20 flavors of pure breakfast bliss! They're great for the family, an office meeting, a late-night wedding doughnut bar, or anything else you can think of – because let's face it, everybody loves doughnuts!


Black Forest – This Bismark is done Door County style stuffed with Door County cherries-n-cream, then smothered in our rich fudge icing and topped off with – Yes, a cherry!

Caramel Apple – An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Try this form – a tender Bismark stuffed with fresh chopped apples and homemade caramel cream and topped with more caramel cream and more apples.

Caramel Apple Fritter – Our delicious cinnamon apple fritter smothered with light and fluffy caramel cream and drizzled with melted caramel.  This one is seriously our granddaughter’s favorite!

Cherry Almond – Our fresh and hearty cake doughnut hand split and filled with amazing Door County cherry cream, dipped in melted white chocolate ganache and garnished with toasted sliced almonds. No wonder this is a customer favorite – upscale flavor and texture galore!

Choco-Berry – The king of fruit-filled! The inside of this bismark is smothered with natural red raspberry puree, and then it's topped with rich chocolate fudge and a bright drizzle of chocolate.

Chocolate Eclair – The ever popular custard-filled doughnut starts with a fresh long john, hand-split and filled with our classic homemade Bavarian cream. Then it's smothered in rich fudge icing and a white chocolate and a white chocolate drizzle.

Cocoa Ringo – Who doesn’t love cocoa puffs? This tender ring doughnut is smothered in melted chocolate, dipped generously in cocoa puff cereal, and topped off with even more drizzled ganache!

Cran/Raisin Orange – This doughnut boasts quite the adult-inspired flavor combo: Not to sweet, not too tart. Our tender ring doughnut is split and filled with our homemade Dreamsicle cream and crasins and topped with our flavorful orange glaze and sprinkled with more crasins!

Cream Puff – What’s a Wisconsin doughnut menu without a Cream Puff? Well, it just happens that Ken’s amazing signature flavor is our delicate French Cruller filled with homemade vanilla bean whipped cream and topped with powdered sugar!

Espresso Latte – Move over coffee, this one needs milk… We hand split this chocolate cake doughnut, fill it with a soft vanilla cream, and top it off with a swirl of our smooth espresso cream and a chocolate ganache drizzle!

Fruity Loopy – This one's for the kid in all of us! We take our fresh-baked ring doughnut, dip it in melted white chocolate ganache and fruit loop cereal and then drizzle it in even more white chocolate ganache.

Hazel Latte – A great way to start your day: Our fresh cake doughnut with homemade light and fluffy hazelnut cream sandwiched inside and topped with a bit of powdered sugar and melted chocolate ganache. Grab your Valentine Coffee and you're all set!

Maple Bacon – We fresh-bake our long john every day, then top it with our homemade smooth maple cream and two strips of smoked, farm-fresh bacon. Now that's a mouthful of breakfast!

Mocha Amaretto Latte – This tender bismark is filled with a fluffy amaretto cream, then topped with our espresso ganache cream and a few chocolate mocha beans … amazing with your favorite coffee!

PB&G – Attention peanut butter and chocolate lovers – this one's for you! A fresh-baked bismark is stuffed with our natural peanut butter cream filling, chocolate fudge iced and drizzled with more peanut butter and peanut butter cup crumbles.

Rocky Road – This baby's LOADED! A rich chocolate cake doughnut dipped in melted chocolate fudge and topped with an avalanche of walnuts, chocolate chunks, marshmallows, Belgian chocolate ganache and melted caramel!

S'mores – Our tender bismark stuffed with light vanilla cream, iced in rich fudge and topped with marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs and a chocolate ganache drizzle! Where's the campfire?

Salted Caramel – This retro fix of sweet and salty is a hit! A deliciously dense chocolate cake doughnut is smothered with our light and fluffy salted caramel cream and drizzled with Belgain chocolate ganache.

Strawberry Champagne – Customers love our homemade strawberry-champagne cream and you can get a load in this doughnut! It's a ring doughnut filled with our signature cream, topped in white chocolate ganache and colorful chocolate.

Sunshine – We hand split and lace this long john with natural red raspberry, then smother it with a light lemon cream, ice it with melted white chocolate ganache and a raspberry drizzle swirl. Just like sunshine – oh-so-refreshing!

Tiramisu – We love this classic flavor so much we turned it into a doughnut! A tender long john is hand cut and filled with a smooth mascarpone cream, topped with our espresso cream and dusted with Dutch cocoa – Bon Appetite!

Truf-Ler – Our take on a traditional classic! A dense, moist cruller hand split and stuffed with whipped Belgian chocolate ganache and drizzled with a bit of ganache. It melts in your mouth just like the inside of a truffle!

Turtlelicious – Enjoy every bite if this delicious doughnut, because we're taking Turtles to a whole new level with this one! Our fresh-baked bismark is filled with our caramel cream and topped with rich chocolate fudge, caramel and of course – pecans!!