Our line of Famous Fudgey Brownies has always been our customers' favorite. We have flavors to suit everyone's taste, and each one is hand-crafted using a family recipe that can't be beat. Rich and cakey, moist, fresh and oh-so-chocolatly, our Famous Fudgey Brownies are simply to die for!


Famous Fudgey Chocolate Chunk Brownie – It's packed with as much chocolate as we could fit! The dense fudge-like brownies are packed with Belgian chocolate chunks, covered in rich fudge icing and chocolate shavings.

Famous Fudgey Grasshopper Brownie – Our classic Famous Fudgey Brownie smothered with our Grasshopper mint white chocolate ganache icing and tiny chocolate vermicelli decor. Dense and fudge-like, one just isn't enough! Check out our other Famous brownie varieties.

Famous Fudgey Walnut Brownie – Are you a little nutty? This one's for you! Our Famous Fudgey Walnut Brownie is packed with walnut pieces and topped with thick chocolate fudge icing and more sprinkled walnuts.



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