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 A Taste of the Holidays! - On Dec 7th, from 11AM until 3PM, we will be holding a free tasting event here at Sweet Perfections! From the tasty traditional things like pecan fingers, spumoni, even gingerbread people, to our every day offerings. Be sure to mark your calendars and stop in for some tasty treats!


Party with a Paczki - On Feb 18th, one week before Fat Tuesday, we will be holding a preliminary party to celebrate paczkis being back! You'll be able to stuff your face with some paczkis, try your hand at the prize wheel and even get to celebrate with 99.1 The Mix and Elizabeth Kay! So put your Paczki Party Pants on a week before Fat Tuesday and get your fix for all paczki needs!


Holiday preorders are here! Be sure to check out our Limited Time Only section to learn more!

 Holiday Preorders! - From now until Dec 18th, you can get 10% off of all your traditional holiday treats. Spumoni, yule logs, stollen, pecan fingers, we've got it all! So if you're not up for baking on your own, or even if you're looking for a little help to fill those stockings, we've got you covered.