How far in advance do I need to place an order? 

For general decorated cakes, which would include our standard decorations of fondant polka dots, buttercream balloons, or buttercream floral, 3 days are preferred. However, call if you need it sooner as we may be able to help you. For custom decorated cakes, at least 5 days to 2 weeks. Again, if needed sooner, call to see what may be possible.

How much does a custom cake cost?

There are many variables that make up the price of any custom decorated cake. Those would include size, flavors, decoration and how soon it is needed. 

Do we make gender reveal cakes?

Yes we do. The filling on the inside of the cake will be the color of the gender. We need the gender results 2 days before the order is to be picked up. Preferably, your general order should be placed ahead of time and then the gender is revealed to us 2 days prior to pick up.

Can we have a printed picture put on the cake?

Yes, we do offer edible images. We can only print images that are NOT under copyright. The images need to be sent via email to and should be either a .jpg or a .png file and 1MB or larger. We prefer at least 3 business days notice for edible image orders.