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Sweet Perfections is a family-owned bakery in Waukesha, WI, specializing in wedding cakes, custom desserts, and European pastries. Owners Ken and Peggy Heil believe in great taste, exquisite presentation, and first-rate customer service.

Our workplace culture includes a friendly atmosphere and supportive team ready to help on an individual level as well as in “all hands on deck” situations. We strive to be an inclusive company, and we are as welcoming to each other as we are to our customers. Our team includes long-term staff members, and we take pride in our product and the process, which relies on collaboration and being detail-oriented.

As a family-owned business, Ken and Peggy have a personal investment in good products and good employees and frequently show their appreciation of a job well done. Since we have a small staff, everyone in the process is important and their contribution is valued.

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