Whatever it may be, we have everyone’s favorite treat this holiday season! Browse this page to ship edible gifts near and far!

If you’d like to pick up your Seasonal Specialities at Sweet Perfections, please visit THIS COLLECTION.

If you’d like to pickup some of your items at the bakery AND ship other items, please place one order for your Pickups and a separate order for your shipping.

Shippable Raspberry Gems 1 pound
Shippable Chocolate Turtles 1 pound
Shippable Gourmet Rugala – 1 pound
Shippable Gourmet Turtles
Shippable Gourmet Turtles $ 18.00 - $ 35.00
Gourmet Mini Cookies – 1 pound
Shippable Butter Cut-Outs
Shippable Butter Cut-Outs $ 16.00 - $ 30.00
Shippable European Tortes – 8” Round
Shippable Football Cut Out Cookies
Shippable Famous Fudgey Brownies – FREE SHIPPING