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October is the first in a line of months with big events in them: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and so on. Making special treats is an important tradition in observing these holidays, which is why we are celebrating October’s designation as National Bake and Decorate Month.

You’ve probably seen our Facebook and Instagram pages with behind-the-scenes videos and photos of desserts being made. The metal piping tips you see being used are etched with a number that identifies its size and shape, and the shapes also have names that identify them. Let’s take a closer look at the tips our expert bakers use to decorate a few of our gourmet-filled cupcakes.

Raspberry Sunshine Cupcake Tips

The crown of our Raspberry Sunshine Cupcake is made with two piping tips. The pink of the red raspberry buttercream is swirled with a round tip (#807), and the yellow star of the lemon buttercream is a dollop using an open star tip (#848). Check out this Facebook video to see how smoothly the buttercream comes out of that round tip – almost like soft serve!

Caramel Apple Cupcake Tips

The lattice-style top of our Caramel Apple Cupcake takes two piping tips as well. The criss-cross lines are made with a star tip (#23) that is smaller than the one above. The little swirls are shaped with with what’s called a french tip (#860) – not to be confused with the nail polish technique! You can see the process in this Instagram post.

Carrot Cupcake Tips

The detail on our Carrot Cupcake uses three piping tips. The white of the signature vanilla buttercream is done with a large french tip (#868), which is bigger than the one used for the Caramel Apple swirls. Then the decorator pipes an elongated orange carrot with a small round tip (#8). The green leaves of the carrot are made with what is called a grass tip (#233), which can also be used for creating hair and fur. All three of the tips are used in this video on Facebook.

Raspberry Rose Cupcake Tips

Creating our Raspberry Rose Cupcake also takes three piping tips. Just like the Carrot Cupcake, the white swirl of signature vanilla buttercream is made with a large french tip (#868). Each individual pink petal is piped with what is called a rose tip (#103); this is a very pretty process to watch, which you can see in this Facebook post. An appropriately-named leaf tip (#352) is used to make the green leaves.

While our decorators make these skills look easy, we know that each step takes lots of practice to master! Whether you’ve been decorating your own desserts for a long time, or if you’re just starting on your piping journey, what’s important is the memories made over a shared experience – especially if it’s sharing something delicious.

Fresh from our oven to yours - happy baking!



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