Time to Celebrate!

Life is full of moments worthy of a party: birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations, as well as other milestones like baptisms, retirements, or adopting a new pet. Every new chapter in life is an opportunity to pause, celebrate, and eat dessert – and that’s where we come in!

Not only can we create custom cakes, but we also make custom Traditional Cupcakes, Butter Cut-Out Cookies, Cookie Cakes, and Cake Push-Ups. We even have custom piped designs on our Petit Fours.

Custom Desserts

The process begins with our Custom Cake & Dessert Inquiry form, which sends us all the information we need to get started, like the date of your event, number of servings needed, and inspiration photos. Inspiration photos can come from anywhere – a Google search, Pinterest, our website or social media feeds, and even your invitations!

Inspiration Photos

Just like you can customize the look of the cake, you have a full range of flavor options to choose from, too! We can build off your favorite European Torte, or you can make a flavor combination all your own.

Custom Cakes

When it comes to fully custom orders, we need at least three weeks’ notice to reserve your spot on our calendar and design and build your dessert. If you are tight on time or budget, we have some options to help: our standard cake decoration (balloons, polka dots, flowers, or edible image) only needs a week’s notice; the same goes for certain cupcake designs, like colored icing, airbrushing, sprinkles, glitter, or edible image.

Standard Decoration

Another option for saving a little money on a cake design is using a topper; we create the scene, and you place the finishing touch, like this Bernie Slide cake we designed for a little Brewers fan.

Bernie Brewer

Traditional Cupcakes are a great self-serve dessert for open houses or other parties that don’t have a formal cake cutting time. Bring the wow factor with fondant toppers, pull apart cakes, or elegant buttercream piping. Not only are cupcakes cute, but these handheld treats mean less need for plates and forks!

Custom Cupcakes

Our Butter Cut-Out Cookies can also be served as dessert or individually wrapped and given as party favors. We decorate our cookies with white chocolate, which isn’t as intricate as royal icing, but we can still do some fun details! Don’t see the cookie shape you have in mind? You can bring in a brand new cookie cutter for us to use for your order. We can also put edible images on cookies – great for school events, graduations, or work functions.

Custom Cookies

But the possibilities don’t stop there! Our Cake Push-Ups are a fun, youthful treat that can be customized with sprinkles to match your theme and decor. Cookie Cakes supersize the traditional cookie flavor you love with your choice of inscription and border. We have even piped special designs on our Signature Cheez or White Flamingo Petit Fours – the ultimate in bite-sized sophistication.

Custom Desserts

Whew – that’s a lot of ideas to consider! Mull them over and keep us in mind for your next gathering – from big blowout parties to altbashes treasuring those little moments. And remember, we love to see our customers enjoying their sweets, so send us an email or tag us in your social media-worthy moments!

Fresh from our oven to yours – happy partying!



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