Happy Pride!

June is LGBT Pride Month, and we are excited to join in the celebration! It is important to us to welcome everyone, and our intention of excellent customer service extends to each person who comes in our door.

Not only are we celebrating with a new rainbow flag banner out on the front lawn, but we have also debuted new rainbow flag cookies! Each all-butter cookie is decorated in white chocolate tinted to represent the colors in the flag, proving that not only is pride empowering, but it tastes good, too!

Pride Flag Butter Cut-Outs

We’ve also done rainbow themes on custom desserts. While we don’t make tinted cake batter, we can do tinted buttercream as well as white chocolate. If you’d like a custom order based on the colors of another pride flag, we’d love to do that for you!

Custom Rainbow Desserts

In addition to being members of local baking and wedding associations, we are also members of the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce; you can find us in their business directory under Restaurants, Food & Beverages – and Weddings, of course!

Pride Wedding Cakes

We are grateful to share this month of inclusivity, acceptance, and love with you!

Fresh from our oven to yours - Happy Pride!



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